It Was Because of the Grapes...

I was 18. Late starter! I spent the first six months of uni feeling completely lost and isolated- then one night, when I was at rock bottom, I was invited out, and I met him- exactly at the right moment in my life. We spent the night drinking, laughing, talking as if we had known each other for years, and I could hardly believe I'd clicked with someone so easily.

We bumped into each other a few more times, and the next week I ended up at a party in his flat. We joked around, throwing grapes at each others mouths, scoring points- I have never felt so at ease or laughed so much with someone I've known for so little time. Later, people started leaving, and we were left alone in the kitchen, him still throwing grapes at me... then feeding them to me... then all of a sudden I was backed into the refrigerator and we were kissing. I always thought my first kiss would be scary, awkward... but it wasn't. There was so much chemistry between us, it just felt right.

We dated for a couple of months, until one day when he called me out of the blue and finished with me because he "didn't know what he wanted". A week later I found out he was dating his best girl-friend! Oh well. He turned out to be sort of a moron, but I was happy again because of him, and I will always remember him as the boy who pulled me out of the hole when I was at rock bottom.

Camaire Camaire
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 6, 2007

Wow! You give me some hope. I'm starting uni in three weeks and I've never been kissed either