I Got My First Kiss When I Still Thought Boys Had Cooties

My first kiss was in 5th grade, at a playground. My friends decided to play spin the bottle at recess , but I didnt want to so I went over to the swings and sat there. Then my neighbor and friend, Billy came over and asked why I wasn't playing. I told him that boys had cooties. He laughed and said he got a vaccine for cooties and then kissed me. I didn't really get that he liked me so I ran over and told my friends, like it was some horrible thing. but they told me that was good and that I should be his girlfriend. That relationship lasted about 5 days because we counldnt decide where we wanted to live after we got married. Now that we are older, we both laugh at the memory, he always tells me hes glad that I was his first kiss, and I am truly glad he was mine

justaprettyface justaprettyface
1 Response Feb 8, 2009

lol this story made me laugh! how cute :)