I Was In High School.

I remember my very first kiss...i was in high school{9th grade} and i started dating this guy who always liked me.we went out for 3-4 months and then i broke up with him because he just got to me,he was always waiting for me after class,watching me do my work,etc. i wasnt really into boys but i decided to date him. After we broke up,he always called me and asked me why i broke his heart.I NEVER wanted to actually tell him "because,you were always there,and i was young and i felt like you were smothering me".lol.--i was 15~!.--He always kept in contact with me through the years...and it was sweet of him.Months ago we spoke again and he told me the reason why he did all of that,and it was because i was his first love.lo.{awww} You Know,Not many people in this world can say they remember their first kiss,but i can..I ended up marring him~!-lol..Funny how life works.

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hey dats a really cute story..u r really lucky....koool..gudluck..:)

Nice, Like hearing stories like that. Make ya feel all mushy. Well it didn't make me feel mushy but I know it would make other feel that way.<br />
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(Clears throat)