After Prom

I went to my senior prom with a guy who liked me a whole lot more than I liked him. He was really nice and even more awkward, and prom was basically un-fun because of it.

Instead of going to an after-party, we stopped at his house so he could change out of his tux before heading back to my place to watch a movie.

As a bit of background, I have a very steep driveway. My prom date was over a foot taller than me, and I was wearing heels to help bridge the gap a little bit. My shoes were dreadfully uncomfortable, I was wearing equally uncomfortable contacts, and my hair was down and driving me nuts.

When we arrived at my house, I immediately began to walk as fast as I could to my front door, so I could change into some sweats, but Prom Date had another idea. He stopped me, and said, in that oh-so-innocent-and-awkward voice of his. "It's, uh, kind of a tradition for people to, uh, kiss after prom. And, I don't see that happening after we go inside and watch the movie."

So, there, on my steep driveway, in heels and contacts, with my hair down, and a prom date who was over a foot taller than me, I had my first kiss. It was short, it was awkward, and it was overall unpleasant.

And that was my first kiss.

candlebeck candlebeck
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1 Response Feb 19, 2009

ha I'm sorry. you shouldn't have let him! I have been waiting for long enough that if someone tries to take my first kiss, I'm going to forgot how polite I am and say no.