Spring Love

I remember how I first got kissed.... It was early spring and it was a beautiful day... I had a crush on a shy guy and he asked my friend shyly to ask me if I wanted to kiss him before school started. I told her that I would if he asked me.

After school that day, my friend left me and him alone and we walked home together. My house at the time was on the second floor and to get there we had to walk in a small alley way in between my house and the neighbors house to get to the back of the house. Back there were the stairs and the garden of the next door neighbors. We sat on the concret that separated the two houses at the bottom of the stairs. He placed his hand very gently on my cheek and very slowly kissed me. It was sooooooo cute... I was 13 and so was he.

twilighthearts11 twilighthearts11
18-21, F
Feb 21, 2009