I Will Never Forget My 1st Kiss

i was 15 and my mate who was older came to mine after he had a night out with the lads and i had liked him for ages and he was angry when he got 2 mine because he had an arguement and i was trying to make him laugh and we was in my bedroom and i was in bed, and he was sitting next to me and we were talking and all of a sudden he went to kiss me but i pulled away, then he said to me that he has always liked me and he just wanted to kiss me so much, i was so shy because i never had kissed any one, and i was shocked because i never though he had feelings for me,

then he went to kiss me again and that time it worked, and we didnt stop kissing for ages and the we ended up dating for nearly a year

il never 4get my 1st kiss because he ment so much 2 me b4 that happened

JamieAnnLee JamieAnnLee
18-21, F
Feb 22, 2009