My First Kiss

I remember I had such a big Crush on Him.  We were standing in his living room.  We had cut class and gone to his house.  He was giving me a 'tour' of his house and he just stopped and turned around and said to me "I can't pretend that I don't want this!" and kissed me.  I held my breathe.  Feeling tingles where his lips were touching mine.  I whimpered when his tongue slid into my mouth and brushed against mine.  My heart was slamming against my chest.  I could hear nothing but my blood pumping in my ears.  I thought to myself, I can't believe he is actually kissing me. When he grabbed my face with both his hands and pulled my mouth from his.  He was panting.  His eyes were wide and he asked me "Who taught you to kiss like that?"  I felt my face blush.  I didn't have an answer because I had never kissed anyone before.  I just shrugged my shoulders, thinking I was doing it wrong.  He grabbed my hand and continued with his tour.  He kissed me in every room of his house after that.  Each time it would be a little longer.  Both of us breathless and panting.  Fortunately, though at the time I didn't think so, his mom came home from work early.   We had to sneak out the basement window and go back to school.  I'll never forget that day. Nor that kiss.  We never dated or anything.  Still remained friends, ran in the same circle of friends.  I ran into him 15 years later.  He said to me that he'd never felt that in a kiss since.  He always looked for it but never found it.  I just smiled, because he ended up marrying someone I didn't like.  So that felt nice

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