I'm Not Sure If I've Been Kissed Or Not,

 Does it count if your first kiss was during truth or dare with a boy you don't like?

my friends say it does. but some say it doesn't. 

I really wish it doesn't but my entire life ill know that technically it was, but it was barely for a second!

please comment and tell me what you consider a first kiss counting, thanks :)

KatieLynnBooBoo KatieLynnBooBoo
13-15, F
1 Response Feb 24, 2009

Unless you 2 liked eachother,I dont think it counts.I have been kissed a lot and the one that still gives me butterflies was 5 yrs ago from the man Im with now.It was unexpected,soft and sweet! If you can say,that yrs after ,you still get butterflies,THAT was your first kiss(IMO)And...the only one that matters!