First Kiss

my first kiss was last year in the 8Th grade with a guy that i had a huge crush on that i wanted to date but my mom wouldn't let me because she didn't like him and i went to the movies with him and he kissed me! well i turned out my mom was right about him he was also seeing three other girls and sleeping with two of them! :( yea i was def disappointed that he was my first kiss.. and this year at school he got kicked out for bringing drugs to school! i wish i would have never even started talking to him, and even tho its hard to say my mom was right! >:( againbut its all okay because its a life experience and i learn from my mistakes!

gilleongirl gilleongirl
13-15, F
2 Responses Feb 25, 2009

Eh... most guys r dogs.. just gotta keep fishin.. It'll get better

well moms can be like that sometimes