It's a Funny Story, Actually.

We used to live in this complex that had a little playground for the kids. You know, a few swings and a slide, that kind of thing. I usually took a bunch of the kids from our street ddown there, since I was the oldest kid on the street and I had nothing better to do. One day it ended up being just me and my little brother and sister going down there. They were playing in the little climbing part, and I sat on a swing.

This boy came out of one of the houses right near there with his little sister. they came over, and his little sister started playing with my siblinga, and he sat down on the swing next to me. He started talking to me, you know, the normal lines guys like to use. He kept asking for a kiss, and I told him no. It'd just be weird with my little sister and brother there.

Finally, he told his sister to go with my sister to find out if they could play together at somebodies house, and I convinced my sister to take my brother.

As soon as they left, he kissed me. It was pretty sloppy, and a little too long. "You ever been kissed before?" he asked. I hadn't, of course. "I could tell. All you did was sit there." Just then, our siblings came back, and we each went to our respective homes.

He stalked me for about 2 months after that. I would be walking, and I'd look up, and he was right behind me. Or I'd go to the pool, and he would be sitting on the side staring at me. About 4 months later, one of my friends was sitting over at my house bored. "Aren't there any guys our age around here?" I laughed, and we walked down to the playground, where he was horribly failing at skateboard tricks. She offered to "go smoke a cigarette with him" (I'm allergic, so it was an excuse to get away from me), and came back 15 minutes and whispered to me that "The condom broke". Eight months later she gave birth to a premie little boy, who looks just like the father that completely denies his existance.

I've only seen him a few times since he found out about the baby. He's married now, to a girl that hates me and "my crowd"

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I was... 14? 15? Some thing like that. 13 is possible too. And I've heard that his kissing is bad, and mine... well, isn't. ;-) And my frined is doing ok. He was her second son (her first died a few days after he was born). She absolutely loves him, and is doing just fine on her own. And he and his wife deserve each other, so it's a happy ending all around.

how old were you?

Somehow I think it was his kissing that was bad, not yours (even though it was his first.) I feel bad for your friend though. Sounds like you ended up with the better end of the deal. *hugs*