It Would Probably Be Considered Wrong Today

My first kiss was back in high school. My senior year if I remember correctly. A coworker was getting married and I ended up going with the cook to the wedding reception. Of course we went as friends. I was 17, he was 27, married with two small children. But I will admit I did have a crush on him for a time before this all happened, and afterwards for a bit.


We both worked that night until 7:30, we missed the wedding itself, but made it to the reception. Since he lived pretty far away, he came over to my house to get ready. He did ask me to dance a few times and after the first dance, gave me a small peck on the lips.


After the reception, a bunch of us went to a local fire company where one of my friends was a member. On the ride home, he started to get a little bit more frisky. It didn't go beyond kissing, but this time it was a full fledged make-out session. And I knew he was married. It obviously didn't stop him from being as forward as he was, but I could have stopped him.

DietIcedTea DietIcedTea
36-40, F
Feb 27, 2009