7th grade, Junior High.....her name was Sarah. We were neighbors in a sense, she lived about 5 houses down from me. She was so beautiful, but beyond anything I could even imagine because she was a Freshman in high school at the time, in the eyes of most high schools at 7th grade I had the social status of a slug. We had shared the same bus since I was about 3rd grade, she was kind of my protector when I was that young....but by now our roles reversed. I would always carry her books, or protect her from the wind and rain while waiting for the bus to arrive. She always teased me and told me one day she was going to hold me down and kiss me...thoughts like that made my blood boil, but again I thought there was no way.
Then...one day, (her birthday) we were walking home after the bus dropped us off...and she asked me straight out..."do I get a birthday kiss"?....my heart literally leaped out of my chest. I know I turned about 10 shades of red, but was able to squeak out one word...."sure"....it was all I could say at the time. She took me by the hand and led me behind a garage, leaning back against the wall she smiled and pulled me in close to her. She put her arms around my neck and leaned forward, planting one of the sweetest and softest kisses I've ever had right on my lips. She asked if I enjoyed it, and after seeing my smile, pulled me in for a second time...then a third...and then....I lost track but we made out for about 5 minutes. Finally able to speak I said "Happy Birthday Sarah"...she smiled back and said thank you....then kissed me one final time and said she needed to go. I never spoke of it to anyone, nor did she, but we were always a lot closer after that day!
On the day of her graduation she gave me another chance to kiss her privately...and this time I took control....and she was the one who was red and speechless.
I believe she is now married and lives in Washington state....but I will always remember her patience and simple caring for a young awkward teen....and making me feel special.
Thank you Sarah....wherever you are I hope you are happy!
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Nice story. She was lovely to treat you so kindly. I am sure she keeps good memories too.