I was 13 and a few of us used to hang out at the park.  My 'boyf' (we'd only held hands!!!) was a sweet guy who I still bump into occasionally!  The boys were by the trees and the girls by the swings, my friend asked if I'd kissed him yet, when I said no, she practically dragged me over to them!  She made the other boys move over to the girls, as I approached him!  I was soooo nervous, I was shaking, do I use tongues, how do you use tongues?!?!?  It felt like slow motion, as he moved closer I started to sweat, then he kissed me!  It was sooo gross, he practically licked my face, defo not a great experience!!!

ooops ooops
1 Response Mar 9, 2009

omg thats horrid!!! haha just sad.. im so sorry ur first was like that.. ehhh