At the Train

I had been going out for a month and a half with my boyfriend and we have never kissed. It was during spring break when he was away on a trip that I started fantasizing about kissing him. We had been going slow prior to then because of my general uneasiness of being touched (which had been gradually disappearing as I learned more about him). After a while, I told him I wanted to kiss him and he responded with the same sentiment towards me. After break ended however, I would get so nervous about my soon-to-be-discovered kissing abilities that I would quickly run off after walking to the train station with him. For a week this continued until - right before I told him goodbye at the train station - he came close to me, lifted my chin and kissed me in front of dozens of classmates and strangers boarding the train. To which I responded by running away to my friends waiting downstairs by the train where I proceeded to sputter fragments and strange sentences for the next 15 minutes. But we are still together as of this writing.
Shinaka Shinaka
18-21, F
Aug 17, 2007