Ill Never Forget This One!e

 My first kiss was in grade 6. I was at an international camp in india, and the boy i was with was walking me back to my dorm. the hall was empty, and one side of it was open like a balcony over a big field. we were by a set of stairs. upstairs was the boys dorm, and downstairs was the girls. he said good night to me. this sequence of events had happened many times before, but i had been to scared to kiss him before so i would tilt my head to the side, and he would kiss my cheek. this time i decided to go for it.. we hugged and then he leaned in. his lips were so soft. we said good night again, and heard a giggle. it was his friend... ahhh good times.. haha

maggieb43 maggieb43
Mar 15, 2009