I was 8, he was 6.  Our parents were friends and we were over at their house for dinner.  The kids were shooed out of the dining room / living room area and we went to the children's room.  We began reading some Golden books and Disney stories.  I remember he picked up Sleeping Beauty and I asked him if he knew how she woke up at the end of the story.  He didn't answer me.  I told him to close his eyes, he did, and I kissed him on the mouth.  He was surprised, so was I, I never knew I had it in me...

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Yep. That stuff is inborn.

Oh, those days of innocence - when a kiss could generate butterfly energy by just thinking of the person.

Love this story!

Thanks for commenting on my story guys!!!

Those younger years, where it seemed they would last forever....where a innocent kiss would make your heart skip a beat. If only we could turn back the hands of time.<br />
Thanks for sharing.

Thats sooooo cute! ^.^

That is so sweet and so cute. Even at 8 you can surprise yourself!