I Remember My 1st Kiss

I was still sweet and innocent in the 5Th grade lol.  I lived in a large neighborhood with lots of woods, and had a crush on the one who I thought was the most good looking, popular kid there.  A group of us went to his fort (in the woods) and he pulled me into a secluded spot and kissed me on the back of my hand like a true gentleman.  I was so silly I circled the kiss.  That was only the beginning.  A few days later we practiced making-out.

It was sooo much fun, I'll never forget it.

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3 Responses Mar 17, 2009

a long time ago is right for me too. ....<br />
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I remember my best kissing. Theirs one partner I'll never forget. What s***s now is I haven't found anyone who is that good since then.

I remember my first kiss but even more I remember my best kiss...Oh my...lol!!!

i remember mine too but god was that a long time ago-ha ha