My 1st Kiss

Let first kiss. it was my most important basketball match.My girlfriend was there to cheer me up. If u all do not believe in love power, u all better believe it, our team not just win the tournament,but i also win myself an individual trophy-THE BEST BASKETBALL Player IN THE TEAM.I feel proud,and also my girlfriend.I don't know where this kind of feeling come from,but i really wish to kiss her to show my thanks to her.although i feel nervous, but i still do it... in front of my teammates,coach,and the public.Although we feel shy but we feel really happy and bless. How it taste..hmmm, you all who are ready, may try it for yourself...those who is not...better wait till you are ready. 


kingstream kingstream
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 21, 2007

aww that's so cheerful, to read stuff like this just plasters a smile on someones face