My First Kiss Sucked!!!!

It was with a girl that I didn't even really like. And we were dared/paid to do it. it was a terrible kiss. Then my first kiss with a guy was while  was dating the first girl I kissed. huh, irony!! That was more momentus only because I was like "****!!! WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST DO!!!" So...yeah. I'm still waiting for my first real kiss.

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Lol my first kiss was awful. i was a party and me and this boy were sooo drunk and he shoved his tongue down my throat:( Oh well, that night i kissed loads more boys XD ...not that i actually remember what they looked like though...

i just had my first kiss today :) lol and it was and a epic fail :/ lol i am 13 and he was walkin me too 7th period and i went in to huge him and he kinda kiss my head, then we went back for a real kiss lol and then that failed and so we went back for a third but idk if that one worked out lol i was kinda um... idk happy and zoned out lol :) (i hope thats normal lol)

my first kiss sucked but i never had a first date O.o

I hear ya, i was eight years old and playing "house" when she decided she wanted to french kiss. I remember thinking it was slimey and nasty.Ya great memories of my first kiss huh

My first kiss was when i was about 4-5 years ago. And I'm still with thaat same person. The kisses have got better over time tbh lol

my first kiss was in pre-school and me and a girl dared each other 2 kiss. lol its true

My first kiss was with guy named Gregor from Hattfield New Jersy - I was 8 yrs old my brothers and friends watched to make sure we did it right. He kissed me in the eye and complained that I was watching.<br />
<br />
Greg if you are still out there......HI! SMOOCH!

awwww... booo! my first kiss was lousy too!

Wow. Thats Crazy!

It was so long ago that I don't remember my first kiss, just who it was that kissed me. His name was Jerry and I was in the first grade, lol. My daughter had her first kiss last night. We were at the fair with her boyfriend and his family. They were playing the dart game and not hitting a single balloon. The carney told them they needed a kiss for good luck so he kissed her and they both threw their darts. The both popped their balloons. That will be a great memory for her.

My first kiss was magic,his name was Gerry and I can still taste that first kiss.We walked home from basketball and at the end of my road we stopped and we kissed....Havn't seen him since as he left town to work away the next day,I still wonder who is getting those yummy kisses now.

lool .. that really sucks ..i didn't try one yet<br />
i wish you have a better real kiss ..

My first kiss sucked as wel... I was 14, he was 15 or maybe 16 already. I was drunk, and he was even more drunk. I was so far away that I stumbled on my own feet even though we were standing still and accidentally bit him... besides that all I remember of it was that it was wet and that I thought it felt weird. And that I was ashamed because he was a good friend at the time. Maybe our first kiss was a sign or something 'cause our following relationship was a disaster as wel...