First Kiss

I was at a friend's party and it was getting kind of late. Most people had already gone home, but a couple of us were allowed to stay over. The boys and girls were split into seperate rooms but I managed to sneek back into the girls room. Me and my friend were lying on the floor, surrounded by pillows, and smiling into each other's eyes, while her friends remained asleep in her bed above us. The light was switched off and it became completely dark. My hand was gently resting on her cheek, while my finger tip slowly moved down her neck. She was breathing heavily and I sensed that she wanted to kiss me too, but I was nervous. Plus, it was dark and I wasn't sure exactly where she was. As I lay there listening to the sound of her breath, her hand began to slowly move up along my back. I felt the movement of her cheek as she readied herself for the kiss and knew it was the right time. I began to inch my way towards her. My heart began to beat faster, and the closer I got, the more nervous I became. My hand moved around to the back of neck, and into her hair. As I reached her, I could hear my heartbeat echoing thoughout my head, causing me to second guess myself. I backed out and my cheek came to rest on hers. I was disappointed with myself, and thought that I had blown it, but she turned her head towards me, gently encasing my bottom lip between hers. My fear instantly dissipated and I kissed back, leading to the most romantic embrace with both of us smiling between each perfect kiss. We cuddled up to each other, and fell asleep enveloped in each others arms.    

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how nice almost like true love

This is so sweet!

that's so sweet

Ah classic, the stuff of legends. It is lush to think back on when everything was innocent and new. I believe this story to be a great recreation of those first times, very well written. Well done sir!

That's intersting.. Hope you are in a sweet love :)

awww i wish i had my my first kiss

Same here and i dream before i go to sleep of kissing the girl i have a crush on, with mostly the same way he did, laying down cuddling then make out for over an half a hour

sweeeeeet (: hehe.

How old we're you?

That was so cute! If only i could remember my first kiss that well.

The is nothing wrong to kiss a gal but i know a first kiss you feel like you in a dream

Very sweet!

aww that was just soo amazingly cute:)

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Wonderful story, made me think so much of my first kiss.

that was sooo sweet n a guy describing his first kiss with such detail i can say u must have really liked that girl .. :-)


i remember when i was 18. me and my girlfriend used to sneak around whenever we are having a sleep over in our friends apartment. :)


nice one

So much like mine. I perfectly understand how you felt man, same age too it was amazing

Oh que afortunada eres, yo he tenido mi beso de amor verdadero aún...

awww that is just soooo cute!!!!

that was nice, and starngly disc<x>riptive............... but sweet, NICE!

Awh! That's so cute! :) Espically coming from a guy.:)

Thays lovely :3

this is a pretty good story for a 14 year old boy.

Naww.. I kind of hate you for getting such a perfect first kiss :p That was very sweet :)

its so romantic

So sweet..

aww that was cute, i hope i get have a romantic experience like that one, heck i hope to get something half as romantic as that, it's such a cute story, & the way you wrote it was so detailed i felt like i was watching a minisode in my head. thank you sharing, it really inspired me to take a little riskk every now & you never know what kind exciting experiences could come from it.

This made me happy thank you :)


ru a boy or girl..?

I'm guessing boy. Not just cos he kissed a 'she' but also they were separated and he snuck into the girls' room


Thats A Awesome Story

Aww just too cute <3

I Love this story. I think I've already commented b4 which means I've read this more than once.



umm i love it so much :) same thing happen with my friend

Aww thats so sweet... I want my first kiss to be like that...

like is it scary?<br />
what does it feel like?

thanks for that story, very enspiring

Thats the cutest first kiss ive ever heard... That was beautiful... I wish i could say mine was that romantic...

i completely love it, i had hear nice first kiss stories... but this one, defenitely soars over all of them, and wins the prize... love it


That is soooooo cute! I am almost jealous of you :P! why don't you tell us what happened after? Just a thought.

That is romantic are you still with that person

That was lovely. :)<br />
thanks for sharing.

I don't know what to say to this--you've made me blush, grin and nearly burst into tears. Just lovely, honey. Just lovely. :-)

Wow, I hadn't seen this story till now...I need a cold shower now ...phew!

This is such a wonderful story :)

The best story for this group!

OMFG that was so effing cute!! haha

Thank you for sharing :) what became of you and her?

That's so cute and romantic :)

god, that was sensual!

Thanx :) Almost 14

Aww thats a cute story :) How old were you?