My First French Kiss

My very first kiss on the mouth was when I was 15. I am not talking about french kissing. He was that cute guy I met on Halloween 2004. He asked me out through a friend and I said yes. So after a date I walked him to the train station because his university was out of town. At the train station we were standing around other people who were co workers of his. He was holding me from the back and then when i looked up he kissed me on the mouth. I was surprised, i didn't see that coming. Right before he left he kissed me again and he was trying to french kiss but that would have been too much for me at once LOL. Well i broke up with that guy a couple of days I'm gonna tell you about my first French Kiss.

I was still 15. I dated this hot guy but we both were to shy to kiss at the beginning. I walked him to the train station to say bye because also he lived and worked outside of town, we went outside,  it was dark and it rained, we were sitting under the roof of a bus stop. He didn't know how to start, I knew that he wanted to kiss me, he was like "well here we are.........ummmm" I laughed, stood up and reached for his hands and he stood up too then it happened, it wasn't really a french kiss more of a hitting each others teeth kiss lol. But I guess it still counts as a french kiss. Because we were standing right beside the traffic light the cars lights were shining on us and everyone could see us kissing in the rain, it was romantic.

you know what?? I just realized.............I had my first kiss and first French Kiss on the same spot at the train station just a few feet apart. And with two diffrent guys.............Good times.........sometimes i wish i can wind the time back and relive those precious moments

GrueneRose GrueneRose
1 Response Feb 6, 2007

That is truly adorable. I love the rain, the lights from the cars. It is like a seen from some old movie.