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First kiss I enjoyed was at the age of 12 with my little girlfriend of the time. I was so nervous as I didn`t have a clue as to what I was supposed to do. Either did she for that matter. We just puckered up and let it last for as long as we could. Looking back it wasn`t that romantic, just an extended version of a kiss you would give any relative. It was innocent and fun all the same.

My first real passionate kiss was when I was 13. I`d been acting the goof-ball with girl in my class that I fancied for quiet awhile, just trying to get her attention. Over time we became friends, and not long after that I confessed that I thought she was hot and that I`d like to go steady with her. She looked at me surprised, then pulled me towards her pushing her face into mine. My mouth was closed, hers wide open. Soon I relaxed, opening my lips, then I felt her tongue slide inside my mouth. God it was delicious! Everything inside me came alive, easily the closest I1ve had to an outta body experience. I was flying.

Going home on the school bus that afternoon I could still feel the pressure of her lips, the scent of her breath and the sweetness of her tongue.

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sounds pretty romantic for a teenage goofball :D