The Bliss On My First Kiss

For starters. I'm a guy. And I'm not really into telling my some of my "youth" experiences to the universe. I'm into sports 8P Anyways, I figured one story wouldn't hurt so I posted my "My First Love," and that was all, but when I showed my girlfriend, Heather (the same girl from the story,) this site. She dared to tell the world about my first kiss, I definately objected, but in the end, you ended reading this. Btw I don't know why, but it always like I write reallly long stories... well here goes nothing, read on.


Christmas time was in the air, and it was during the holidays when I got my first kiss. I was completely inexperienced and nervous, but I was even surprised it turned out great. I remember I was twelve, and her name was Robyn. During the first week of December, my principal announced all 7th graders would be doing secret Santa which would be compulsory, at first I wasn’t even interested at all, until my teacher suggested I’d try it, it would be fun. Each class would have to pick a name out of Santa hat. When it was my turn, I picked out a tiny piece of paper. I slowly opened the tiny piece of folded paper. To my surprise, in neat cursive, it read, “Robyn.” I looked over at her while she was staring at her own piece of paper. I was kind of keen that I was going to be Robyn’s secret Santa. She was my friend, but Robyn was also one of the nicest, prettiest girls in my class, but that was just my opinion, definitely not my belief. She was very brilliant in class, but she wasn’t a show-off or arrogant like most of the girls in the 7th grade, instead she was sweet, calm, and gentle. But there was only one problem, Robyn was a girl, and I’d had no idea what she would want for Christmas. I couldn’t just go up to her and ask just like that, Ms. Della warned us that it is extremely off-limits, you would have to find out yourself. But if you really don’t know what they the person may want you could go ahead ask their friends their interests. Robyn was always very kind to me, and the more she said hi to me in halls, and heard her sing in the church choir, the more I felt like giving her the “ultimate gift.” And that’s exactly what I did. I asked her friends. They all told me she’s an awesome gymnast, loves dogs with all her heart, and is a fan of collecting key chains, for some strange reason after I got my answers they’d be giggling as I walked away. Ms. Della had mentioned not to overdo or undervalue, but just in the middle. I knew she liked a dog, at least that was one thing I knew about he, and it was at that moment when I knew exactly what to get Robyn for Christmas, a new-born puppy. In the meantime, I was wondering who my secret Santa was. People were asking me too what I was into. There came a day when my friends asked me why I was so fascinated of being Robyn’s secret Santa. I was confused. I told I told them I wasn’t that preoccupied; they were teasing me that I liked Robyn. I could feel my cheeks turning red, I replied I wasn’t feeling anything. They just laughed and told me they were kidding, it was Robyn who was crushing on me. “How do you know that?” I asked. “You’ll find out sooner or later,” they said, with that they left while I was busy thinking about what they had said. I was getting pretty used to the fact, that girls kept on eyeing me, most times I just ignored it, I found them dry and uninteresting. In my early primary school years, almost all the time girls on chasing me all around school as if I was all those razz television pretty boys, it was very annoying. I never thought as girl like Robyn had feelings towards a person like me; I didn’t even know she could feel. While planning on her present, one day in English class, I peered over at Robyn, which wasn’t too difficult, she literally sat next to me. She caught me looking and smiled, I looked away. Three days before the gift exchange, when I opened my locker an envelope slipped out onto the ground. I picked it up the tore the top off. Inside there was a paper tied with a red ribbon. I pulled the ribbon and opened the note, it read: “Meet me at the center of Santa’s Wonderland, on Friday at 8, your secret Santa.” I could tell it was written by a girl since all the I’s were printed with hearts, but I couldn’t recognize the handwriting. We were actually supposed to exchange our gifts at school on Friday, but I wasn’t sure why this person wanted to swap outside of school. Luckily, my best friend’s golden retriever had just given birth to eight puppies four weeks ago, and he was dying to them away, so he finally let me have one. Robyn would love it, I knew she would, besides she really deserved it. But, at school most times we would share private looks. Many people in school asked me why I haven’t asked her out yet, I didn’t really bother to answer. Robyn wasn’t obsessed with boys, unlike most girls, but I found myself sheepishly crushing on her from time to time. Robyn had very delicate brown eyes with long eyelashes and neatly brushed light brown hair. I went through a dramatic series of hiding a living creature in my room away from my parents, feeding the puppy, pampering it, and making it look like an actual gift. When the day came to discover my secret Santa, something told me to bring the puppy along. I went to ask my mom for a decorative box. She managed to give me a red and green one with a bow. Just half an hour before I was about to find out who my secret Santa was, I shoved “Lacy,” into the box, it wouldn’t stop fidgeting. When I placed the lid over the box, for about 10 seconds there was complete silence until the puppy, with one great push, knocked the box over. I tried many times trying to keep the box stable, I planned on taping the box shut, but that wasn’t a good idea it wasn’t possible for it to breathe. I begged my older sister, to drive me Santa’s Wonderland, she finally agreed. When I finally got to Santa’s Wonderland, I looked at all the multi-colored and vibrant lights streaming all across the decorated streets and street choir from the car-window. I noticed every year there was always a giant Christmas tree that was lit with all types of colors in the center of the town festival every night, this time, it wasn’t even lit at all. When I opened the car door, I heard the street choir singing Christmas hymns. I lived in California, so there never any snow. I reached for my present, and opened the car door, “You got 15 minutes to do as you wish, shepherd boy!” My sister, Jennifer cried as I shut the car door. Just then I heard the Christmas carol, “White Christmas,” from the street choir at a pretty good volume. I waited at the center of Santa’s Wonderland, just as the note had said. I stood there for a while, placing the present firmly in my arms. I looked over at my watch, “8:09.” “Come on,” I thought. “I couldn’t have gone through all that trouble for nothing,” I thought. Who is my secret Santa? Maybe I was wrong, it’s not Robyn, bringing this stupid puppy was just a waste of time… and money. I sighed, and just as I was about to leave, someone place their cold hands over my eyes. They were smart enough not to say, “Guess Who?” After ten seconds the person let go, and I turned around. And there she was, standing under a golden beaming light, my first secret Santa that Christmas of 2005, Robyn. So my conscious was clear all along, it was her. I also felt as if someone had just turned my stomach upside-down, I was in love. “Robyn, you’re my secret Santa!” Yep, and its weird how you’re mine too.” “Well, anyway,” she continued. “I went and got you the perfect present, you’re gonna love it.” She pulled out a blue-checkered gift bag with tissues stuffed inside. Inside, she unfolded a soccer jersey and placed it over my torso. I had one at home that was blue which represented my team, but this one was jet black with neon prints.  “I know you’re probably one of the best soccer players practically in our whole school, so I used all my allowance to get you the best gift I could find… oh and wait,” just then Robyn turned the jersey over and in big, bold letters, my first name was imprinted on the back. “Thanks!” I love it! “This is so freakin’ cool!” “From now on, I’ll wear it at every soccer match.” Robyn smiled. I still couldn’t believe she went out of her way to get me a jersey, otherwise known as “the ultimate gift.” Now it was my turn, I told Robyn to close her eyes, and don’t open them until I told her to. I reached for the present, and lifted the lid half-way, Lacy’s tiny paws poked out onto the top, and so did its head. “Open them,” I said quietly. When she did, Robyn gasped, I’ll never forget her reaction that night. “Oh my gosh, Alex!” “This is so thoughtful!” “You got me a puppy!” “It’s even a golden retriever, my favorite breed.” I handed the present to Robyn, she held it in one hand, and gave me a tight hug with the other. “And it’s so cute!” Robyn cried examining Lacy. “Read the dog tag,” I added. Robyn did so, she squinted since the lights were dim, but I still wondered why the Christmas tree lights weren’t on. “Lacy… it’s a girl, oh Alex, thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” she squeezed me a little harder this time. “Look at those wittle eyes!” she cooed. I loved the fact Robyn was happy, it made me feel superior. I smiled to myself. Just then I heard a thunderous voice, “Okay! It’s ready! Let it rip!” a man hollered from a short distance. Robyn and I heard an deafening bang, Robyn screamed and ran into my arms in the dark. In seconds the Christmas lights shot on, and thousands of multi-colored lights shimmered in the night, the street choir began singing, “O Holy Night.” I awed in amazement, so did Robyn, but when we realized we were in each other’s arms, she looked over at me and I looked up at her.  We were completely silent for a while, until she gave me a hint if what was going to happen next. I’ve never done it before. I froze and didn’t know what else to say. She smiled, the only thing I remember was holding Robyn, and slowly kissing her. Her lips were soft, it felt awesome, but it was first time at 12, I was also nervous and shaky.  We let of go each other and blushed “Well… I’ve never done that before,” Robyn sheepishly confessed. My eyes lit up, I wasn’t the odd one out, “Neither have I.” “It’s late, I better go,” Robyn said. She admired her new puppy and disappeared. I bit my lip and smiled to myself. I began walking towards Jenny’s car, “Anytime today?” she asked skeptically. “Sorry,” I said blindly, I was too busy thinking about what happened. I was walking on air that night. The chorus of “O Holy Night” was playing as we left Santa’s Wonderland, driving back home.    

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awwwwwwwwwww omg that is sooo sweet and cute :)<br />
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i wonder whar happened 2 her <br />
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like a beautiful fairytale that was always meant 2 be awww hehe lol :D

Sounds like it went well for you!