Pretty much trashy; to Pretty Much Everything I could ask for.

Let's see here. I was 12. He was 14. We were at the skating rink...a trashy, run down place. We were laying on a thing you sit on to put your skates on...just laying there when all the sudden he sits up, leans over me, and pecks me on the lips. It was cold and wet and he had bad breath.

It's not really a big deal, it just sucked and the place was trashy and whatever. I didn't regret it at the time though.

My first "real" kiss was a lot better. I was thirteen, and my best friend has family in a little hicktown. Her aunt and her cousins. The cousins were guys, one 15 and one 12. I knew the younger one, but I'd never met the older one.

I texted the younger one before and his brother texted me and we talked a little bit but I didn't really think it would turn into anything. He joked that I should spend the night over there w/ Monica, but I never thought I would.

So one night she invited me to go to the older one (Derek) football game and then spend the night over there.

So country boys are hott, right? Yeah. They were all big and had nice bodies and hott faces and they talked country and it was enough to make any girl melt.

So after the game Derek and some other guys come out and Derek had his shirt off. I was like NO WAY THATS NOT YOUR COUSIN.

He was and still is the most gorgeous boy I've ever laid eyes on. He has the nicest body I've seen anywhere...TV, whatever. He looked at me like once and we rode in seperate cars back to the house.

The house was dark and I was standing in the kitchen talking to my Mom on the phone when they came in, so I didn't really see him. He went into his room and blasted music. I never even imagined he'd have any interest in ME.

So we went into her back bedroom and she was talking to her boyfriend on the phone. I got bored so I texted Derek telling him that he had good taste in music, just cause I didn't know what to say so I said that. He texted me back and we talked about music and I told him that he had an awesome body and then it all started. He told me I was hott as hell and he was in the bathtub at the time and wanted me to join him. I thought he was just kidding. ( I later found out that he WASN'T.

So I don't even remember what we were texting about...but Monica (friend) got hungry and we went into the kitchen where he was sitting at the table talking to his mom and aunt about the game. He was wearing red basketball shorts and no shirt and leaning back in the chair and messing with his phone (texting me and I was right there haha) and we walked in and he just kinda looked at me with this look...half smile, curiosity, like "i know something you dont know" which I found out is a look he is famous for. I melted.

I was just kinda sitting there beside Monica and they were debating over wether or not Derek had a black eye. His Mom asked me and then she's like, "Derek you have to look at her for her to tell" and he looked over at me and I melted again. Never even paid attention to a black eye or whatever.

So later everyones in bed except me and Moni are in her room awake and he's in his room across the house awake and he wanted me to come in his room after Monica went to sleep.

She WOULDNT GO TO SLEEP so i ended up telling her he "wanted to talk to me" and so about 1:30 am and I told him to come get me cause it was DARK.

So I was standing in the doorway waiting for him to come down the hall...the bathroom door was right in front of me and it was black but the door was opened and all the sudden I cant decide if theres something there or not and I was about to freak out but then he laughed at me and came out of the doorway.

He walked me through the house to his room...which he kept FREEZING cold and his bed was like a million feet off the ground.

We crawled into his bed and I'd already told him when we were texting that I'd never made out and he said he'd teach me.

So we were laying there a little ways apart and he reached out and put his hand on my arm. My stomach went crazy and he moved in closer and closer until he was right in my face. We were whispering about...something. He asked me how close I thought he was at that point he was close enough that when he talked I could feel his lips moving on mine, kind of.

He moved in a teeny bit more and kissed me and it was so much better than the first time. He had bigger lips, and his entire body was there and warm and I was so excited. He told me to lay on my back and he leaned over me and when I felt his mouth open I opened mine. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and I just kinda went with it.

I kept pulling away whining about feeling stupid and it was the cutest thing ever when I felt him smiling into the kiss.

A lot more happened that night. OH and did I mention he was cheating on his girlfriend that night? I knew it, too.

We ended up dating and he was the first boy to break my heart and now I'm still missing him to death. I still also have the feeling that life will give us another chance.

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Your second kiss was inspiring.<br />
Sorry he had to break your heart,

Your first kiss may have been disappointing, but at least it got better from there!