Okay it was with this guy that i had been "talking" to for about 7 months then we started dating. we were both 16. my very first boyfriend. it was a rainy sunday after noon. he had came over after church. well we were laying in my bed watching the movie Good Burger. and we were so tired from the night before (we just pulled an all nighter) so we were both falling asleep. then he gets on the other side of me (we were "spooning" and he was behind me-the in front) and he just lays there looking into my eyes and me into his. and he starts to lean in and closes his eyes and he gets really close to my face. so i close my eyes and im just waiting for it. and hes so close that i can fill his lips bairly against mine. and he gently kisses me. then just stays like that for 5 seconds. then he makes me lay on my back (we were laying on our sides-now on backs) so im laying on my back. then all of a sudden he gets on top of me. and kisses me gently again. but not like making out. just one gentle kiss. and he just lays there on top of me. kissing me. then i told him that he was boring me by doing this so he got off and was like im going home. i felt so harable for saying that. but he was boring the hell out of me by just laying on me. plus he was hurting me.
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oh,ya<br />
frist i think it was a romantic story <br />
but what have u done is not that bad cuz if u didn't say what u have got to say he will do it again and again

l like this story

l like this story

the ain thing was... was he hot???

idk maybe he waz a lil nervous nd a lil awkward like me with my first girl nd kiss.<br />
Ya its too bad u said u felt bored, but he probli got over it..and at least u were honest with him<br />
Hopefully this makes a lil sense

what u need was some one like me there

Girl, that was the most romantic thing that he could have been doing. I've never ever been kissed like that by a guy until this past weekend...and I'm in my mid 40's. If you'd given him a chance, he might have gotten deeper. But, you hurt his feelings apparently. You're one of the luckiest girls alive to have found someone to treat you like that.

ha ha!it was terrible i think if it were me i could have slapped him.

it seems was terrible!so what did you do to make him change his snooping kiss?

it seems was terrible!so what did you do to make him change his snooping kiss?

it seems was terrible!so what did you do to make him change his snooping kiss?

hmmmmmmmm mushy

awwww sounds so weet why was it boring?

Thanks that was great. Love the story. Love the innocence of "you're boring me." Just love it.

that's funny i remember mine was like that too. I was like this is it? i was bored and i just wanted it to end. Props for being honest about it. P.s. i love good burger!!

this is hilarious

That`s sweet

Hey, you probably made that poor boy very sad. Most girls would have loved it, and if it was too slow, you could have tried kissing him faster, hmm? That is horrible.

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Hmm--this story is wee bit hard to bed--just after church---maybe---your bed is not the wisest place to companion with your boyfriends.

well if hes boring then hes boring. sure you coulda been a little nicer, but what are you gonna do, was it a good kiss at least?

baby, u r lucky who tasted first kiss with full passionate. its your mistake u guessed he wanted to hurt u... he is d person who tought the first lesson of L O V E in real way, which may b benefiting u in future,... thanks to him....

It happened to me in almost the same way, it was boring......sorry.

i was 17 even later and that was crap

he was such a romantic and yo your boring me,learn to be sensitive.

Nothing was bad to fell. We should be kind to satisfy others desire. This way we can make the world happy enough to live cool in it. You sould say that boy thank you and also say your disire which he could fulfill.

I wish my boyfriend could do that like... right now :(

Huh.... You have no idea what it was hope it was some other gal and i bet she might have enjoyed that instead of criticizing the experience...... cross check,,,,,........?

yea it sounds boring to me...maybe if u were makeing out then it would have been different<br />
<br />
i never got exactly was spooning was?!

Ha! From the first few sentences of your story I thought you were going to remark on how beautiful and romantic the kiss was. He was just trying to be romantic, perhaps he made a bad job of it, but who hasn't? I love when a girl stares into my eyes when we're lying down together, holds that stare until you don't notice anything else but her eyes, then she plants a soft kiss on your lips. Albeit this is usually followed by a longer, more passionate kiss, which ties everything together. ;)<br />
<br />
I want a kiss like that now. *sigh*

Hey! He was being sweet and respecting you, you should have been more patient, things would have started to heat up in a bit. Patience girl! Patience!

Good for you, if you don't like it then tell them that you don't like it. The moment we start allowing people to do as the will with us because we don't want to hurt their feelings is the day we all move to mars... because earth would start to suck!

Lol great now you have scared him for life . He will forever think he is a boring kisser and base his life kisses off you.

girl he was trying to be romantic to you. i dont think he ment to hurt you by laying on you.

haha first of all, Good Burger was so bad it was hilarius. Second of all, there are a lot of girls that would have liked what he did... you should of just said he was hurting you and that wouldn't of offended him as much. Anyway thats not exactly boring in my opinion

wow that was wired<br />
but why are u looking at spelling!

Honey,use spell check before posting.