Like It Was Yesterday.

Okay. It actually WAS yesterday, so of course I remember it.

Well, Adrienne, who is my girlfriend of six weeks and I were walking after school. We're in high school, and we decided to pay a visit to our old middle school, which was within walking distance. We walked together, holding hands the whole way. We saw a lot of people that we knew. We kept walking, and went over to a shady area, still holding hands.

We sat together in the shady area for a while, maybe 30 minutes, and then she said she had to continue walking home. I sighed, and said "okay." I got up and hugged her goodbye, telling her that I love her, and I pulled away, but didn't let go of the hug. I came right back in for the kiss. And it was amazing. It was a closed mouth peck, and as short as it was, I will never forget it.
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3 Responses Aug 31, 2006

how sweet! <br />
jessejames' kiss is sweet too!

so sweet. yay for you!!!

:) aww thats precious