First Kiss With My Husband

The first time I kissed my husband was on a friend's back porch.  My husband was a part of an arranged engagement at the time.  His fiancee was a very young, wealthy, and beautiful socialite, but very prude and spoiled.  My husband George was wealthy, well traveled, intelligent, but was painfully shy and backwards when it came towards women.  A marriage between these two people would only lead to faliure.  At this time George and I were only familiar to one another through mutal friends and gatherings.  At this particular gathering George was seated on the back porch by himself gazing off into the distance.  Since it was chilly I decided to sit next to him for warmth and a good conversation.  Instead of being welcomed to sit next to him he immediatly stood up as I went to sit down on the bench.  I replied to him, "I didn't mean to scare you why."  He replied, "You didn't.  I just don't want people to get the wrong impression."  Okay, now I have no idea what that was suppose to mean.  This was actually the first time "we" were ever alone together.  "Wrong impression?  What are you talking about, if you do not mind me asking?"  He replied, "You know how rumors can spread if two people are sitting on a bench together."  Was this guy for real?  No I really do not know how rumors are spread unless your doing something your not suppose to.  "No, I really do not know what you mean."  He gave me a cold hard stare and started to talk, but I interrupted him by grabbing his hand and pulling him toward me.  "Okay, test your theory."  He caustiously took a seat next to me. He said in a rather slow voice, "I'm sorry I bumped heads with you while at dinner this evening."  I replied, "I'm sorry that was more my fault than yours.  I should have seen you reaching for the same fork I had just droped on the floor. Thank you."  He turned his whole face toward me, "Thank you for what?"  I slowly changed the direction of my stare from the lights of the porch to his face, "For trying to retrieve my fork for me."  His eyes were a light hazel and his face was etched from his long days in the sun.  I don't know why but I felt a sudden urge to reach for his hand.  While I reached for his he did the same for mine.  We caught one another by surprise.  We were both lost for words.  "Your hands are cold." "My hands are always cold,"  I replied.  He took my hands into his and put them under his coat.  "They'll stay warm now."  "You don't have to do this, you don't know what people may think if they saw us."  He looked out into the distance and sighed, "I don't really care right now."  We sat this way for a good while until a friend came out onto the porch with us.  The friend was surprise to see us together.  "Never in my wildest dream would I ever see you together in such a position."  With this comment the friend returned back into the house.  I turned to George with anxious look, "I'm sorry if anything comes about this everyone."  George slowly turned his head and leaned into me and with a very low voice and said, "I really don't care what others will think.  I am enjoying my time with you."  I slow little smile came over my face, "I am enjoying my time as well.  If I stay will you stay with me?"  He looked around and with this reply, "I'll only stay if you kiss me."  "Kiss you!  What will that do?"  He sadly looked down and in the most sincere voice  I have ever heard replied, "I'll at least know what it means to be with some one who actually might just care about me."  How could I possibly deny him a kiss now. "I'll kiss you if you make the first move."  He held my hands tighter and drew me into his lips.  My heart was going a mile a mintue at this point and as I leaned into him I could feel all my blood rushing to my face.  His eyes were closed and he crook his head to kiss me, but then...

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But then... what?