A Tell-0ne First Kiss ""

My first kiss was when I was 16.  It was in the movie theater, and I was wit my current bf n` two other frds (couple). During the beginning of the movie, my guy frd told my bf to go outside. I had absolutely no idea wat they are talking about.. so I ask my girl frd, she replied as if she dunno anything either. Then when they`re back, we continue to watch the movie. Then suddenly, my bf tried to lead over n` kiss me, but I turned away. And he said to my frds: "she doesn`t want it..." Then he tried 3 more times later on, n` he finally got me. It was french kiss, it was nasty n` forceful.. but I followed the movement, meanwhile, I was shocked too. Tho it was nasty, and I kinda regreted it. But if I re-think about it rite now, it actually wasn`t that bad.. Except the fact that I found out my guy frd got my bf to go outside part, and he told him to kiss me!! It was totally a bad idea, but at least it led to my - one and only, one-of-a-life-time-first-love. <33
cynxrain cynxrain
Feb 14, 2007