Heavy Make Out Sesion

I of course do remember my first kiss, it was back when I was in 1st grade....like 20 years ago now, yes I even still remember his name too.  But this kiss is so much more than just a kiss.  I was at the Gay Pride celebration and meet a very hottt boi (butch chick) and we instantly had a very sexual attraciton with eachother.  I got up to go use the restroom and well she came in to join me.  We had quite the lil session, before we were told to get on with it cuz others needed to use the bathroom.  That was my very first experiance of making out with anyone in a bathroom at a bar or any type of batheroom for that fact.  Well one thing lead to another and another, you can just say that kiss is what sealed the deal wtih me bring her home wtih me that night. 

crazycoolcat28 crazycoolcat28
26-30, F
Sep 10, 2006