Way Back When

My first kiss happened when I was 15. I went on my first date with this guy. It was supposed to be a double date, but the other guy's girlfriend bailed. He decided to bring a friend. Anthony and two of his buddies showed up to pick me up. My mom was really hesitant to let me go on a date with three guys, but she knew one of the kids and let me go anyway. We went to a movie and held hands the whole time until our arms were numb. Then on the way back from the movie we were in the backseat of his friends car and he leaned in to kiss me, but he missed. It was so funny. He tried again and we connected. It was the best kiss. Then he walked me to the door and kissed me again. Fast forward 6 years and now he is my husband. 
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22-25, F
Oct 9, 2007