My First Kiss

I remember my first Kiss!! its definantly memorable! I had been dating this guy for 4 months...Yet we had been best friends for 11 years! It was March 19, 2005. He was over my house and we were in the hottub talking about what we wanted for our future and what our plans were and just other normal fun stuff..Well we were sitting in the dark in the hot tub(cause it was like 10:00pm) looking up at the starts when Adam looks over at me..and he was watching me for a few moments. I turned and I said laughing and joking "Why are you staring at me??" He just smiled and said "for 11 years we have been best friends...for the last 1 and half I knew I loved you..I just cant believe you are actually My girlfriend now" and with that he leaned over and kissed me. now see it would be great except for the fact that 1.)  I had never kissed or been kissed by anyone other then relatives...and 2.) he he knew how..and lets just say he had to "teach" me how to kiss!! We laugh about it now cause he says "you kissed horrible your first time" and I always say "I am sure you werent so good yourself your first time either!" now we both are teasing when we say it, and although my first kiss probably wasnt the best (which I doubt anyones is) It was still nice! and I love that I got to "learn" how to kiss that night!
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16 Responses Sep 18, 2006

are you guys still together?

how old was you when it happend?

i mis ma lov :( v had our first kiss inside the theatre :D it was funny :D

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very sweet

my first kiss was a nightmare. it was after my friends (of course i couldn't get a date) went to homecoming, and had an after party at a motel. i got drunk and hooked up with my friend's boyfriend, but it wasn't really consensual, and i said no a few times, but was too drunk to persist. i told my friend because i felt guilty, and she doesn't speak to me to this day. i was 16 and he was 20, and he was a creeper. <br />
<br />
stories like yours make me envious, but mostly sad. it sounds like a memory worth cherishing.

hmm mine was in front of a hippie store.march 5th 2009. awkward but amazing and ill always remember the date.haha.

My first kiss was like a poison she died at once…. Since then I never had a second one…

I want a first kiss..... :(

aww how romantic :) <br />
my first kiss was spin the bottle <br />
(although mum tells everyone it was when i got kissed by a if SHE knows!) <br />
i wish it had been for a boy who actually liked me back..not another traumatised victim of truth or dare lol

Awwz. Cute story. Im sure i wasnt a good kisser the first time either. Thank goodness my patner had virgin lips too.

I love this. So precious.

Lovely lovely lovely.enjoy...

Aww, what a beautiful story!!I'm glad that at least someones first kiss was great... :DD<br />
Mine was awful, though..In a bus...Urgh... :/

i had the similar experience with you except we don't stay together finally.Your story arose my mind,i miss her!

What a great story! I remember having my first kiss at church camp. I know I was horrible at it.