Drunken Slip.

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Ah, I was a sweet 15 years of age. A girl (14) I had been crushing on for quite a while was over at my house. Being the daring child I was, I had procured alcohol from the local store amid much sweating and praying they wouldn't call me out. And they didn't... (I was living in England at the time, I'm naturally taller than most English ladies and have darker skin to boot, which many English people at the time claimed made me look much older than I was)

The young lady in question had been the object of my affections for nearly 7 months, and we were good friends at the time. She was also very aware of my "more than friends" wish, but was cool with it, yet uninterested.

(Un)fortunately for me, the lady gets quite frisky when drinking. After an evening of getting sloshed and movie watching, she ended up leaning on me. Now this isn't really unnatural, being as I am a female as well. I was quite used to my female friends being touchy feely, and her leaning back against me was nothing new, but still exciting to my love-filled mind.

I take a glance at her at the end of the movie, and she's looking up at me with puppy eyes, unable to look away I am totally astonished when she tilts her head up, and smacks me one right on the lips. There was no tongue involved, it probably lasted for about 5 seconds, but to me at the time it seemed to last forever and not long enough.

Her warm lips pressed gently upon mine, and parted slightly, I already had my arm around her and drew her a little closer. Before I could dare to put my tongue in, she pulled away and giggled.

The rest of that evening is a little foggy, shortly thereafter she tried to grope me a few times, and I reluctantly fought of her attacks, and helped her to her bed.... without me.

I still damn my morals to this day, but I think I made the right decision. The warmth of her lips is memory enough.
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woman... yes, she's a woman and the other girl was a,,,? woman,,, very good. Your reading comprehension level is gratifying.

wait so are you a...?