First Kiss With a Boy At 22, Wow!

Now I have kissed quite a few cute girls in my time, but never ever a boy. I'm straight but the thought of kissing someone of the opposite gender really frightened me. Mostly my girlfriends kiss me in an attempt to get me comfortable with kissing in general, but the experiences weren't as erotic as my kiss with a boy. Let me tell you, it is a completely different feeling kissing a boy you are attracted to, than kissing a girl you think is a cutie.

For a long time, I've had a huge crush on a boy at work. There are many occasions where I wanted to kiss him, and the opportunity had presented itself but I could never bring myself to actually do it. I was afraid that I would suck and that would ruin his attraction to me. (I've still never kissed him, oh well)

Anyway, one night, my friend and I went to a rock club. There was an adorable guy who was dancing and talking to me most of the night. He sorta reminded me of someone from my favourite band "Arcade Fire" and he had a sweet temperment. He hung around me and my friend almost all night and I just kept drinking and drinking beer after beer. Later in the night, the guy my friend had a crush on came to the club. They started dancing with eachother. So I looked at him and went "muh?" as I offered my hand to dance.

By this time, I was extremely tipsy and drunk. We got closer and closer and ended up dancing in a hugging fashion. I liked it a lot because we weren't grinding like people usually end up doing, it felt more intimate and comfortable. I was rubbing him all over his backside, and he was doing the same, as well as stroking my thighs (I was wearing a skirt). He kept pulling back and looking at me with his eyes half closed. I knew he wanted a kiss, so I started to get a nervous feeling again. Also whenever he pulled back, his long-indie/emoish brown mop got caught in my glasses, so they'd fall down my nose embarrassingly.

Finally, I decided that it didn't matter if the kiss sucked. I was drunk anyway, and I didn't even know this guy! I pushed my glasses onto my face and let him come in for the kiss. Wow! It didn't suck at all. He was really good at it, and so was I. All that practice with my friends really came in handy. He sucked on my tonge, gave me little licks, some parts with no tonge that felt extremely romantic. All in all, I'd say it was the best kiss of my life. At some points, I would pull back and kiss his neck, and he did the same and made me moan like hell.

Later, we went outside the club and talked. I told him it was my first kiss with a guy and he didnt seem freaked or anything. He asked if I was bi and I said no, he was 24 and a film major from Humber. Very sexy guy. Should have gotten his number!
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6 Responses Oct 4, 2006

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Wow. That sounds romantic. I think that you're really brave and comfortable with yourself.