My First Kiss? Well...

i am almost a girl in this matter

i remember every single detail about it, the place, the feeling of my heart pounding 100 times faster, the taste in my lips after touching hers for the first time, her smell, her eyes seeing me before kissing me again

is some of the most wonderful things i would ever experience...

And this is how it happen

  • Details... Details

I was 12 years old

Her name is Cinthia, and i had dated her for about four months...

telling the truth... to that date, i only saw her around 2 times... a friend introduce us

And i was the hell of happy

My first girlfriend ever... i belive everyone remembers that...


That was our 3rd date... in Plaza San Pedro (i live in mexicali)

And for my displeasure... we were trapped with a chaperone (her neighbor, the friend who introduced us, and totally hate the way our relationship bloomed)

Both of us (i completely ignored Erica's prescence) decided going to the movies, my older cousin adviced me into trying to kiss her in the movies...

I know what you are thinking


I did not kiss her there, Erica was almost over us, I guess she was trying to make us go angry...

The movie ended and i had already divised a plan to get rid of the little pest

After the movie ended we went back to the plaza, i get hold of cinthia's hand kiss her on the cheek and started walking around while making silly jokes, trowing crude sarcasm at erica and continued walking aleatorie

That plaza was big, i have say, but i dontreally know how i mannaged to lose her, in a couple of minutes, erica was anywhere to be seen

I continued walking around the plaza without losing grio of cinthia, i really wanted to kiss her, i feel like i was ready, like we were ready

After a couple of minutes, and several chases, we ended outside, in the back entrance

We were just in the perfect place, it was dark but visible, there was a quarter of moon, so we had a really cute light

without any further notice, she embrace me

i feel her warm hug, her soft skin against my fast beating heart

I remember that in that moment, i panicked, i totally panicked

I dont think i can ever express my exact thoughts in that moment, i wanted to kiss her, i knew i wanted, and i belive i can (like the little engine?) but i did not know how to, i did not even have an idea, my first girlfriend, my first kiss, and besides all, i feel worried that maybe, she would feel, disappointed, since she had already kiss someone once

Well, back to the story, i was dead nervous, and i guess, she could feel it

Suddently, her cellphone ringed

I frozed

The chaperone called her mom, and was totally mad, she was going to be picked up in less than 20 minutes

i embraced her again, told her i didnt meant to upset her mother, just erica, she laughted... everything was ok

She told me everything was ok, and was happy of how the day developed...

a wonderful day, deserved a marvelous ending


without thinking, without having anything in mind except for her

I slowly pulled her chin up

i remember she smiled before closing her eyes

i remember last thing i saw was seeing her closing her eyes

I closed my eyes

and slowly

I kiss her

it was the most awsome thing ever, the feel of her lips, her sweet taste

it was a slow, cute, short, and beutiful kiss

it lasted around 1 second, but it was long enough for me to be remembered all of my life

after 2 kisses, we separeted a bit, and slowly open our eyes

she giggled, smiled at me and slowly kiss me again

we kissed about 3 more times before erica apeared again, her eyes wide open,

her mission...





well, after that, i have a hell of problems, her mother was mad at me, and her brother treated me for the time being, and we dated for about 19months, so make the count

well, but thats not the point


this is my First-Kiss-Story

whatcha think?


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adorable :*