My First Kiss Was Ruined!

My first kiss would have been really cute.  It was with my older brothers neighborhood friend, he had come out on the boat with me and my family, I'd had a crush on him for a wile.  We where down in the cabin when he finally approached me.  He said he wanted to kiss me, so I let him, it was really cute we shared 2 or 3 pecks on the mouth, and that was it.  When I told my friend about it, instead of being a girl and asking "what was it like" "did he kiss good" or whatever, she told me how worried she was, and then went to the counselors at school behind my back.  After that, I was pulled out of class to have a meeting with my counselors, where they asked me a series of questions including showing me a doll and asking where he touched me.  They proceeded to pull me out of class for an hour everyday for several months where I spent time working with a mentor and a few counselors.  They showed me ink blots and asked me to draw pictures of my home life.  The school even sent a DFAX agent out to investigate my family........I never knew what my friend told them, but apparently she said it was more than a kiss.  My first kiss was turned into a rape investigation.........bummer!

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I like this story somehow it's looks like fun but at the same time ur friends were jealous about ur first kiss.

I guess. Lol we were really young and she knew I liked him but she kept telling me he's no good...seriously I was like 8 and he was "no good" can a 10 year old boy be. From the sh!t my family whent through after that it was obvious she exaggerated to the counselors and its their job to take it seriously so it whent from a little girl trying to get a little boy in trouble to a full blown was rediculous.

I know this is a ridiculous question to ask u somehow I am interested here is my question to u please don't mind, Are u still keep kissing ur brother?

What??!! Lol I dont kiss my brother. Read that was my brothers friend.

Hahahaha sorry I thought that was ur brother hahahaha. But have u kiss him again?

No that was like 18 years ago. I moved a lot as a kid, never saw him again.

I see, good luck with ur next good kisser guy

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That's absurd--I think being anti-sexual (as long as it's mutual and legal age requirements are met) is vile and unethical as you experience first hand. When I lost my virginity and the couples time after it wasn't positive either, but about 3 months later it was incredible and intimate. To me, that was truly the first time I ever made love. So, aybe you can rethink your first kiss in a similar way?