My First Kiss(es)

This came up in the Q&A section, and I think both of my first experiences were super romantic, so I wanna share them with you!


If we're speaking technically, I think I was 10. I had my first "boyfriend". That cute stage where the thought of holding hands makes your heart race... We were more friends than anything, but we liked each other as much as kids can. "Do you like him, or do you LIKE-like him?" Heehee. So one day he was over at my house and we were swimming in the backyard... We were talking, and one of us said something like, "I think we should kiss." So... we got real close, bent toward each other, bonked noses and pecked lips. I was so thrilled! I got my very first kiss! Then we decided we should try to kiss underwater, because that would be so romantic. We tried to keep ourselves underwater by gripping the ladder so we wouldn't float back up immediately, but it was just too hard to maneuver, so we gave it up as a bad job. We 'kissed' a few more times that day, mostly just because we could. My memories of him are all really sweet. :)

But the first deep, passionate kiss I experienced was last July with my current boyfriend. We met online, and fell in love last February. Finally in July he was able to fly down, from Boston to North Carolina to meet me. My heart, this time, was not the only thing fluttering. All the way home, we were both thinking only of being alone together, so soon. We had been waiting for this moment for almost half a year. We got home, shut the bedroom door. I latched onto him and hugged him so tightly. It was hard to believe he was really here. We stayed like that for a few minutes. I sat down on the bed.. He came closer. Gently, he pushed me down and climbed onto me. He leaned down and softly kissed me. "Are you ready for this?" I could only manage a nod. He kissed me again, parting my lips with his tongue and showing me what a real kiss could be. And wow... what a kiss that was. You can probably guess that that wasn't the only first that night...

February 16th will be our 1-year anniversary! He moved in with me this past December, and we are super happy. My entire family loves him and all our pets adore him. He has slipped effortlessly into my life, right where he needed to be. A happy ending to a happy story - reminds me that there are plenty of things to smile about still in my life. Let's hope it stays that way.

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Aww! I hope everything stays good :)