By The Fireside

Ahhh V H. You'd though I'd forgotten but no.

I still remember the tentative kisses we gave the other in your Moms living room that wet night in April 1978.

We'd been at soccer, you playing and me watching as you kicked another girl by accident in the thigh, knocking her down and getting yourself thrown from the game.

I walked you back to your house where your Mother got us towels to dry off with and put on the fireplace, then went to make some cocoa in the kitchen.

Huddled under covers, I tickled your lower ribcage with you turning red as you kept your laughter to some muffled grunts. When your Mom asked if you were Ok, you lied and said I just stepped on one of your toes.

We blew on the others cold ears, exciting little goosebumps of arousal on our  arms. I gave you the smallest touch of my tongue on your earlob, making you draw in your breath in a startled manner. You leaned your mouth close to my ear, warm breath a sudden hurricane to my sensitive ear. The memory of you kissing the inside of my ear to this day still raises gooseflesh on my neck and arms.

We were facing each other in front of the fire when your Mom brought the hot chocolate drink. I remember how quickly she left to go back to the kitchen to give us some privacy to discuss the new found recognition how of things were not going to be the same afterwards.





jhenry922 jhenry922
Feb 9, 2010