My first kiss was behind a science building at my middle school with one of my closest guy friends and at the time my "boyfriend". I didn't like him that way at all, but my younger cousin (who was also my best friend at the time) wanted me to have my first kiss, since she had hers before me. She thought it would be a good idea for my first kiss to be with my friend, since he had liked me for a while. So he and I went out. Before we kissed he had eaten fried mushrooms dipped in ranch, then a bunch of breath mints. I tried, with no success to stop the kiss from happening, it was with tongue and I could taste the mixture of the mushrooms, ranch and cinnamon mints and almost threw up. If I would have only waited a year later I would've had the first kiss that I always dreamed of. Needless to say my second kiss was way better than my first.

Pinkducky Pinkducky
18-21, F
Feb 11, 2010