I Thought I Was In Love... In The 8th Grade.

I'd known him for about a year or two now and he was always the weird kid. However, When 8th grade came around he for some reason look very attractive. We started talking and things just went well. We started "going out" for about two months. He then broke up with me to go out with someone else I was completely heartbroken. I didn't eat didn't talk to anyone, I didn't do anything for like three months. We still remand friends oddly and then That summer we went out on a date and He was sitting in my lap and we kissed. It was strange, Odd, after that We didn't really talk anymore. Its been four years now and I can not believe I was supposly in love with him. He still flirts with me and It is strange. I pretty much can not stand him.

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young love<br />
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we were lucky we never stopped lovng each other even before that first kiss in the toy store as we looked at paper dolls for her to take on a trip it was the first of many kissed to come over thenextfew years till her death at age 19

Ah young love! I feel in love at an early age (15) and I know it was true. We dated throughout high school but after we graduated we realized we had both changed so much that the relationship no longer worked. Sometimes you grow together, sometimes apart. We remain friends to this day but it took a LOT of work to not strangle each other in the first year or so, haha. Some people will tell you that you were to young to actually be 'in love'. I think that's BS, personally. If you can't understand how you could have loved him, try and remember your mindset back then (and his too). Only you can really know if it was love.<br />
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Clearly, from what you have said above, this was not meant to last though. <br />
My advice: Don't vex over it and remember the feeling so you will know next time :)