My Frist Real Kiss

I remember my first kiss as if it was yesterday. It wasn't my FIRST kiss, but I consider it as mine.(:

 I had just gotten out of lunch at school; my best guy friend (we've always been a little more then just friends) had skipped class to eat lunch with me. Usually when he skips class to spend time with me at lunch, we'll walk together til' he passes the class he's supposed to be in, where he says goodbye to me and he sneaks in class while I go to mine.

This time was different.

He walked me all the way to my class. The farthest class from the school building. Once we got to my class, I say goodbye and start to head to the door but before I can leave he grabs my hand and pulls me towards him.  I end up pressed against him, my right hand in his, my left hand on his chest.  'Hey' he says softly. I look up surprised, and before I can think he leans towards me and kisses me.

Now we had had a thing for eac hother for awhile now, and here we were finally kissing.

But, I  knew other people from lunch in my class were coming back to the classroom so I regrettably pulled away from him; because I knew he'd be embarrassed if people saw us kissing.

I looked up at him and smiled, telling him I'd see him later. I flew into my class all smiles, although It didn't ht me til' why intil after class.

I realized then I had my first real kiss. :)

MidnightDreamer11 MidnightDreamer11
18-21, F
Feb 13, 2010