Will Never Forget

I tell this story to my kids all the time.  Mostly because it embarasses them to ever think I was once 12 and awkward and had a 'first kiss'.  It was the Halloween dance in grade 7.  It was my first boy/girl dance and I was incredibly nervous.  Some of the kids had cut out paper pumpkins and if they placed it above the heads of a slow dancing couple, they were expected to kiss.  This worried me tremendously.  I had a huge crush on Jay Lack.  He was the cutest boy in my class and had liked him for months.  I can't remember who asked who to dance but I remember dancing and I could feel how nervous he was......  as nervous as I was.  As he got braver, he held me a little closer until our cheeks touched.  The part of all of it that I remember most was the heat of his ear against my skin.  It was searing hot.  My gf Susan came over to us with a 'kissing pumpkin' and forced us to kiss.  Jay kissed me quick on the lips.  The kiss was hot and dry and his lips were tight.  Not the most romantic of kisses but it was my first.

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:) that is cute...