My First Kiss...

It was after my semester exams of my freshman year of highschool, we got let out 2 and 1/2 hours early. I didn't tell my mom we have been let out early and planned to spend the rest of my hours with my boyfriend. He had borrowed his brothers car, but didn't make plans to go anywhere. Before we got in the car I made it clear to him that I have to be at my house at the exact same time I usually do. He agreed and he kissed me on the cheek b4 we got into the car. We got in the car and he just started driving, not knowing where we wanted to go. We did stop at a couple places, one to pick up his check from work, and browsed around target for a little while. Then he showed me where I lived and we parked at the park next to my house. He had asked me to look at a funny text he got from his friend the other day, so I took his phone. But then I saw that he had saved some messages I had sent him when we errrr talking the night b4. I thought it was so cute but then he grabed the phone away from me out of embarressment. I kissed him on the cheek trying to get him to please give it back, but then he turned to me and kissed me on the lips for about 5 seconds. I kissed him back and soon started making out.
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how romantic and when is u r next drive