In The School Music Room

I remember it like it was yesterday. I was13 and had been trying to pluck up courage to tell a girl in my class how much I fancied her for ages. I knew she was going out with an older boy (17 I think) but we were close and I just had to let her know how I felt.

We went into the school music room where I knew we would not be disturbed and I told her how much I liked her. She smiled sweetly at me and moved to kiss me on the lips. I was just expecting a peck but she parted by mouth and her tongue slid over my teeth and linked with my tongue. It was an amazing feeling - one that has stayed with me to this day.

We parted with her saying she was confused and did not know what to do. In the end she stayed with her boyfriend but we did start to see each other a few years later and shared more than a few passionate kisses!!!

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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

We are still in touch now. It was just not meant to be at the time but she'll always have a special place in my heart.