A Long Wait

My first kiss is easy to remember as it happened this year, just. I had never had a relationship and never even been kissed until this frozen New Year, despite being just over 40. I'd run into a long-time acquaintance at a New Year/Surprise Birthday party and I hung around to see her home. The pavements were icy and we held hands, even that was novel for me. She went for a kiss and I kissed back. She said 'I hope I didn't scare you' but I said 'No, I like it, it's good' and there were more kisses on the way to my home and my bed. The relationship has just got better since then. :)

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3 Responses Feb 19, 2010


Late developer, very shy and a series of jobs where I didn't meet people. It wasn't a deliberate thing, it just happened.

Why you wait so long?