My Midnight Lover

Everyone talks about their first anything being a total and complete disaster. However, luck would have it that all my firsts were very good experiences. My first kiss, for instance, was magical. You would think that it would have been totally awkward and uncomfortable, fumbly and all. This was not the case with me.

Do you remember what life was like during the summer when you were thirteen years old? I remember not yet being old enough to drive, so I rode my bike everywhere. I had a curfew of being home at 9 P.M. since there was no school during the summer and I was always down the street at my friends houses in our quaint, suburban neighborhood. I was at an awkward stage at this point in my life, stuck somewhere between a world of Barbie dolls and just learning how to wear make-up. I had recently discovered the internet and would spend countless, wasted hours of my life playing the Sims and chatting with people on AIM.

One day in August about a month before the first day of school, a mysterious Instant Message popped up on my computer screen from an unknown username.Upon further investigation, I quickly learned that it was a boy who attended the same middle school as me. I only knew this because he gave me his name; I did not recognize it, so I dug out my year book and searched for him. His face looked very familiar, and I became intrigued as to why he was talking to me. After all, we had never met in school and didn’t have any friends in common so his interest in me left me very curious and excited. I felt that talking to him was like playing a game, that we were total strangers yet at the same time we had an instant connection that left me wanting more.

I discovered several things about him during our first initial conversation. One was that he was staying with his grandmother for the summer in another state, which left me feeling disappointed that I could not meet this intriguing boy until school started. The second thing I learned was that he lived in a neighborhood down the block from me, which you could imagine was a miracle for a thirteen year old girl who had a curfew and no means of transportation.

We continued to talk for the next couple days that followed, our conversations full of passion and a feeling of always wanting more from the other. We soon upgraded to phone conversations, and by the end of that week we had decided to meet up with one another when he came back into town. Not only had we decided to see each other for the first time (at least it felt that way since we had only passed each other occasionally in the hallways at school - uninterested), but he had expressed his desire to be intimate with me.

I never told him that I had not yet had my first kiss for fear of embarrassment, being laughed at, or worse – having to worry about him taking advantage of me. I did find relief, though, in the fact that we were both virgins. Instead, I lead him to believe I’d already had my first kiss by implying that I had fooled around with boys before, however vague it may have came out; I suspect he took it as a way to tease him. Our interest in each other had grown so rapidly that he called me one day at the end of our week long fling to tell me, excitedly, that he was going to be coming home early. He said that he would be home in three days, and we could sneak out and meet up with each other that night at a spot half way between our houses.

The news managed to make me weak in the knees, sweaty, nervous, and extremely anxious all at the same time. I was stunned and elated that I was going to get to meet him sooner than expected, yet at the same time I was nervous and scared for what was to come. I knew that he was going to try to kiss me, and I knew that I was ready for it. After all, I was thirteen years old!

Over the next couple of days pending his arrival, I planned out every minor detail involving our first meet up. I practiced doing my make-up every day to make sure I would look perfect for him that night, sitting on the worn rug in front of my mirror cursing under my breath at every smudge and smear I made. I tried out several different hair styles that I saw in my Seventeen and Cosmopolitan magazines, determined to look perfect for him. The heaps of clothes piled up in my room as I tried on everything imaginable, and ironed the chosen outfit that I thought would most enhance my awkward, gangly-limbed pre-teen body.

Looking good for him was the easy part, learning how to kiss was harder. I researched kissing techniques on the internet for hours. I read every sex advice column in my girly magazines that I could find. I watched every movie about love stories as I possibly could, studying each kissing scene intently. After collecting all my data, I then moved on to practicing on the mirror. I would watch myself as I leaned in, doing my best to look like Kate Winslet from Titanic. My hand became red and swollen after frenching it like it was Leonardo DiCaprio himself.

Finally, the big night had arrived. I felt totally prepared, and though extremely nervous, I was ready. However, I did have doubts. I was practically meeting a stranger, and I needed to bring a friend along just in case I changed my mind or if something managed to go horribly awry. I confided in my best friend Nikki who lived just a couple houses down from me and she reluctantly agreed to tag along. At first she refused to go for fear that she may get caught sneaking out and also that she would be cast aside as the third wheel. I finally managed to coax her into coming with me, which I later found out only worked because she secretly had a crush on him herself.

I wasn’t surprised – the boy looked good for his age. All the other boys in middle school our age were short, still had small, boyish torsos and pre-pubescent baby faces. This boy’s body was much more matured for his age. He was 6’2 at just fourteen years old, with long, sturdy limbs and a matured face that could sometimes have him mistaken for a junior in High School. I was just this young, pretty thing that weighed only 95 pounds, a stick thin body that lacked curves and was almost a good foot shorter than him at just 5’3. Still, for some reason he was interested in me and I wasn’t going to let the opportunity slip past me.

Nikki and I had agreed to meet up at 11 that night, after all our parents had successfully fallen asleep. I had never done anything bad in my life up to this point and it was hard staying still in my bed, though I was petrified of making a sound for fear of waking up my parents. Their room was right next to mine, and if this plan was to be executed with precision, everything had to fall into place. My strategy was to simply open my window and jump out. I would later return through that same window, hoisting myself up into the cramped space with a bucket I had left outside earlier that day. When 10:45 P.M. rolled around I was dressed, primped, and drenched in my favorite perfume. My teeth had been brushed for about ten minutes to ensure the freshness of my breath, though to be safe I had picked up a pack of black Dentine Ice gum earlier and popped several pieces into my mouth.

My heart was pounding, and for a moment I even considered backing out. Then I realized that two people were waiting on me and it was too late to go back. I opened my window and spent several agonizing minutes draping my feet out into the darkness. I sat there in my window sill for several more minutes, thinking about what I was about to do and the consequences that may follow if something went wrong. Finally I counted to three and out I jumped. I hit the ground with a loud thud and sat there crouched on the ground for a few seconds. My heart was racing with fear as my eyes stayed glued to my mother’s bedroom window, praying that the light wouldn’t come on and that she wouldn’t open my bedroom door only to find a breeze flowing through the open window. When the light didn’t come on I began running as fast as I could to the street in front of my yard and sprinted in the direction towards my friend’s house. When I saw a figure walking quickly towards me in the dark, I realized it was her and slowed my pace to catch my breath.

I was aware of every sound that night; the crickets were louder than I remembered them being, and I could hear the faint cries of lonely dogs in the distance. There were no street lights, and the darkness engulfed the trees that loomed over our heads. I didn’t dare look into the darkness for too long, I was afraid that I may find something starring back at me. The air was still warm, but because it was late August there was an occasional brisk, refreshing wind that would sweep down past us.

When Nikki and I finally came face to face, a moment that felt like eternity in the darkness that surrounded us, we squealed with excitement then quickly became silent so as not to awaken any of our neighbors. Our walk became a brisk jog as we trotted down the dark road to our destination. He told me that he would be waiting for us at the end of our street at the stop sign. As we became close enough to see his figure patiently waiting, I told her to slow down and attempted my best slinky, hip swaying, sexy strut that I could conjure up, though I’m sure I looked rather foolish.

He looked massive up close and towered over both of us. I became incredibly shy in an instant, though he was experienced enough to take the lead and suggest that we walk down the adjacent street to the half way point he had mentioned earlier. The three of us walked hurriedly down the road, following him in silence and anxious to get off the busy street, hoping that a police car wouldn’t drive by and ruin our night. Several minutes later he led us to an otherwise hidden entrance that would have been overlooked if it wasn’t for his knowledge of it being there. The road had been surrounded by tall, green trees on both sides, and there was an entrance just large enough for a car to fit through that opened up into a small field of grass behind the line of trees that hid its secret domain.

After the initial shock of discovering the hidden fortress of soft grass and fallen leaves, Nikki and I turned our focus towards the awkward presence of this tall stranger. As the three of us began to make small talk, he caught me off guard by effortlessly inching towards me in one large stride and gently placing his arm across my lower back, pulling me towards him. I felt uncomfortable, though not threatened, by how close his body was to mine; before this point in time, I had never been subjected to the physical flirtations of a boy. I began calming myself down silently and telling myself in my head not to make a fool of myself and to just act natural. I didn’t have the chance to act on this thought, though, because Nikki’s phone startled us all by ringing loudly. She fumbled around with the phone for a second, then hastily answered it in a low tone. Seconds later we could hear the worried sound of her voice and the look of terror on her face.

Her younger sister had called to warn her that a parent had awoken and that she better hurry home now if she didn’t want to get caught. We offered to walk her back home in the dark, but before we could blink an eye she was already halfway down the street, running as fast as she could to make it back home in a flash. After the confusion of what had happened had finally settled, my worry shifted from my friend’s dire situation to my own. Now I was left here with this guy all alone in the dark. I was curious to get to know him as the physical presence and not the stranger on the other end of the phone line, yet at the same I was nervous beyond belief at the thought that we would soon be sharing a kiss. Things moved very quickly between us after she left, perhaps more than I was ready for. I tried my damned hardest to stall by chain smoking my precious pack of Marlboro Red’s, but to no avail. He had no problem positioning himself behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist, resting his hands over the button on my jean shorts. I fidgeted nervously as my body became stiff and rigid beneath his grasp.

After my third cigarette in a row, he twisted me around so that I was facing him. I reached for another cigarette as a method of stalling, but he would not allow it. Instead, I popped another piece of Dentine Ice gum to drown out the taste of cigarette smoke and prepared myself for the kiss that I knew was bound to follow shortly. He confidently placed his large hands on my lower back and pulled me closer to him. My heart started racing, but this time it was a different feeling. Sure I was nervous, but now I was also excited, a feeling I would later find out was a sign of being turned on. I was beginning to get used to the feel of his body and his touch, and I wanted to give back that feeling to him. Naturally, I planted my own arms around his waist as well; I would have draped them over his neck, but he was a whole foot taller than me and it would have stretched out every length of my limbs just to reach him.

I had to arch my head all the way back just to see his face. He looked so foreign to me, and for a second I felt frightened. Then I remembered all the late night conversations and I felt comfortable again, realizing that I knew who he was and that I just needed to relax in his arms. I gazed past his moonlit face for a moment and studied the stars in the silent night sky. When I looked back at him, I realized that the moment was about to arrive; he was going to kiss me right here, right now. He closed his eyes and I panicked for a moment, trying to remember everything I had practiced and learned about kissing. His head began swaying back and forth as he started his descent towards my lips; he had a whole foot to go before reaching me.

Just before he planted his lips upon mine, I took in the smell of his minty breath, the lingering scent of his cologne drifting through my nose. I felt calm taking in the scent of him, and welcomed his soft, plump lips onto mine. He pushed his mouth up against mine, and at first just held himself against me. Then he retracted his mouth and pushed his lips up against me again, this time opening it. I quickly caught on to the movement of his widening jaw and opened my own up to match the same length as his. Suddenly I felt a warm, wet tingle in my mouth and realized it was his tongue. I pushed my own tongue up against his and allowed him to explore my mouth without hesitation. The taste of his fresh, minty breath made me want to taste him even more and a wave of passion took over my body. My torso pushed up against his, and I dug my fingernails into his back. He took in my caress, and returned his own as his hands ran up and down my spine, squeezing my skin underneath his strong, lengthy fingers. Our tongues played back and forth aggressively with each other.

Although I had caught on quickly how to mold my tongue with his, I had not yet mastered the art of taking breaths between the hot and heavy action and came to an abrupt halt. He laughed as I began breathing heavily in an attempt to catch my breath and to take in the wild sensations running through my body. You’re a good kisser, he exclaimed. That was my first kiss, I blurted out without realizing what I had just admitted to. He refused to believe me at first, but after some convincing he finally accepted my plea.

I lit up another cigarette as I recovered from my first kiss, yet before I could smoke the whole thing he pulled me to the ground, yanked the cigarette from my mouth and puffed down the last few drags. Before I could even protest he lowered himself on top of me and began kissing me again. I explored this new position as I ran my fingers through his hair and down his back, and when his tongue would collide with mine at the exact moment that it would send a tingle down my body, I would pull him in closer and he would push himself up against me. It was then that I felt his hard, lengthy member between my legs. The sensation drove me wild, and immediately upon noticing its existence I felt a sudden, urgent warmth in the pit of my stomach and my panties began collecting the wetness that was dripping out of me. I wanted to feel more of this hard rod between my legs and it felt only natural to let my body guide me as what to do next to obtain this lingering pleasure.

I opened up my legs and swung them across his back, linking my feet together as they met so that I would not lose grip. Discovering my arousal by his throbbing penis, he reached down between his legs and placed the hard shaft directly between my wet lips, or at least as close as he could get between the clothing barrier. We continued making out feverishly, and the more he pushed his hard member against me, the more wild and frenzied I became for more. Every thrust he made, I thrust right back into him, shoving his throbbing rod further into the wet, juicy concave that had formed in my shorts. 

After an hour or two more of this new, sexual game I had discovered, we decided to take a break and smoke a cigarette. There were signs of the sun hovering over the horizon and both of us needed to head home soon. The area surrounding my lips was red and swollen from our aggression with each other, and we laughed at the site of the each others faces. In just one night I went from being totally inexperienced and sexually awkward to a fine-tuned female in touch with every pleasure zone on her body.

For the next couple weeks we would sneak out every night after sundown and continue these escapades. Eventually the fun wandered into his bedroom, just a short walk from our half way meeting spot. I had a while to go before I learned about the adventures of intercourse, ********, and ***********, though he did manage to ***** me down bare to just my panties. He will always be a favorite memory of my early sexual history; I learned from the best, and I am grateful to have been the student to his sexual lessons.

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Good story:) Sweet and spicy, but not to inappropriate:)