My First Kiss Was With A Man

This Lady next door used to babysit me alot when i was 7 and 8 years old. I never had a father in my life and her husband was always really sweet to me.  Often i would sleep over as my mom got home so late so often.   I dont know if it was a crush but i sure loved the way he held and  cuddled with me all the time.  I was always in his lap at night cuddling and watching TV.  I loved the way he ran his fingers through my hair and   rubbed my legs and arms and shoulders and back.  I felt like he loved me. I sure loved him . I didnt care that he was like 42.  It wasnt very long after my 8th birthday that his wife had to go to her moms for a few weeks.  So it was just me and him for that time.  We talked alot more it seemed.  He seemd to like to know about my experience with boys and stuff.   I did have some secrets that some older boys had done to me when i was 6 and 7 but i didnt tell him.  Then we started talking about what bf's and gf's do together and he like to learn what we call stuff at school.  We got on the topic of kissing and he was surprised that I had never been kissed b4. He also had told me  he had never kissed such a pretty girl as me b4.  He asked if i wanted to try it out, i was like 8 and had no idea and knew i loved him so i didnt see what a lil pec on the lips would be.  So I got up in his lap in the recliner facing him and leaned in for a light lil peck on the lips.  It was quick and simple,, only he said he wasnt ready and wanted to try again,,,,only this  time he wanted me to try it a lil slower. I leaned in slow and touched my lips to his. It was this time i noticed the nice feeling of his warm lips on mine. We proly held that kiss for at least 5 sec. After he told me how much he  liked it and asked me what i thought.  I admitted to liking  it and he asked  if we could do it again only a lil longer this time. I was game. This time our lips were off set some,, so his bottom lip was between my lips and my top lip was between his. I felt the tip of his tongue against my top lip and woundered if i was sposed to do the same so i felt his warm bottom lip with my tongue. Thats when the tip of his tongue came down to meet mine.  A shock of a newkind of excitment went through my body. It wasnt untill that moment that I realised his hand were under my shirt on my back.  We explored a lil at a time for several minutes with our tongues. It was amazing.  Our tongues touched more and more as time went by. And i loved his arms around me on my bare back. Then he went to the side of my mouth  kissing and then my cheek and then my neck and ear lobes. I was amazed at how warm it all felt. I loved when he started kissing my shoulders.  Thing progressed more that night but i would have to post that in anothr section

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WOW I wanna hear the rest. Which "Other Section"? I wanna read it.

omg that weird i wanna hear what happens next