It Started With A Kiss

Not that it was my first kiss but it was one that has remained as THE kiss that made my heart explode.

Her name was Vanessa.  We'd been captains of our respective sporting codes throughout school but she attended a different high school than mine and we only got to meet whenever there was a sports tournament. Man how we  would steal glances at each other and make nervous smiles float between the thick space of our timidity and touch each other as we wished our lips would touch each other.

Then the day came - we had both captained our respective teams to the finals of a volleyball regional competition and won - the after party was to be held at the local community hall and we couldn't wait to see each other there...

We'd been there for at least an hour before we plucked up enough courage to meet on the dance floor and speak to each other - god we were so nervous. Every hormone in my boy becoming man body was screaming in its pheromone charged hell and her perfume was like a narcotic song of the sirens singing my doom but our nervousness kept a blockade of shy embarrassment between us that just ruined every attempt at anything cool so I decided to take the plunge in the middle of this hot chocolate song and kissed Vanessa for all I was all the heavens and hoary hosts of angels she kissed me back with equal heat and although it was an unskilled pash of pure teenage blood fuelled hormone enraged gushing emotion it was for that moment and years to come THE kiss that I have measured all kisses against in my life...

It started with a kiss...yes it did


41-45, M
Feb 22, 2010