My First Kiss

i was really fallen in love with her, i was preparing to ask dating to her.. that took about 1 month of mine, i was too shy.. but finaly i said that i love her!

at first she didnt accept me, because she said she wants to be my friend and never lose me, but if we will be lovers, the day we broke our friendship will also broke, so a few days later she finaly said i love you too. i was like omfg! :B first day passed so fast with her, and the next two days was weekends so i couldnt see her. but i really missed her! >_> finaly the monday has come and at first time she saw me she just put a kiss on my lips, and hugged me. i felt like i am flying! :)

UtkuQAsk UtkuQAsk
18-21, M
Feb 23, 2010