Wan To Be Cuckold

i am married man befor 10 years , i like my wife to be a hotwife , i want to know how to start it.

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Most women tend to be far too worried about being "respectable" every minute of the day, no matter who's around.

Is she at all playful?
Does she feel comfortable with other men looking at her?
Does she ever dress sexy in any way?
Does she drink?
Does she fancy any of your male pals?
Have you talked about this with her at all and if so, what was her reaction?

My wife took awhile to come around to this idea, but now she absolutely loves it, dates often and has a regular boyfriend shagging her every Monday night.

I strongly recommend it - IF she can be made to feel entirely relaxed and comfortable with it. This will require enormous assurance on your part that it makes you love her MORE, not less!

Hi - I have progress to report on my mission to get my gorgeous wife into hotwifing - check out my blog:
suffice to say, it was amazing! I recommend it!
And it all started when I went down on her and said one sentence...

Anyone that can offer some advice on how to convince my reluctant but VERY sexy wife, please message me.

Hello, I am a Bull, we can talk


I have heard of people buying their wife a very large toy and naming it. It could be the name of a professional actor, or athlete. Someone that she is really attracted to

Go for it. It's great!

Hotwife relationships and cuckold relationships are entirely different things.

I am a hotwife and have been since day 1 of my marriage of over 30 years now. I love my husband and he loves me, he vowed to be faithful to me but that was removed from my vow to him. He knew how much I like sex when we met and found he was turned on by my promiscuity and to him it made me more attractive and he wanted me even more knowing I had been with others. He even helps find dates for my extramarital affairs. He is free to have sex with me anytime he feels like it but he is only allowed to have sex with me and no one else.

I have a girlfriend who is a cuckoldress and has been for 25 years. Her husband will never have sex with her or any other woman ever again in his life and he is allowed no sexual release. She flaunts her infidelity to him. When she is going to go on a date she lets him know that's where she's going and is going to have sex with a real man. She also brings men home and he has to watch her having sex with a real man. Some cuckoldresses will feminize their cuckolds to the point they look like a woman.

Do you really want to be a cuckold and live the rest of your life without sex? Or do you want a wife that has other men and women for sex partners other than yourself?

Excellently articulated distinction between cuckoldress and hotwife.

My wife and I are definitely in the hotwife category. She uses it to enhance our relationship.

I remember my first duck up a unicorns ***.

Talk about it while you're having sex. Let her know how hot it would be to see her with another man. When she's turned on, you may find that she enjoys talking about it. Maybe she's wanted to try that too, but was afraid to bring the subject up.

I am not a wife, but I've been doing this for my boyfriend who is in the Army and deployed. I send him pics. We joined a swingers site at the end of November. I've been with 5 different men for him. I was very reluctant at first, but I'm so submissive to him that I'll do anything to please. I've discovered that I love doing this for him. It's so much fun. I get to choose men to have sexy with, but the best part is knowing that my man is getting pleasure from it. THAT is my turn-on in this set-up! I'm crazy about him for getting me started. He'll be home on leave in June. We're going to spend two full weeks at swingers clubs and house parties. I can't wait. I'm so excited.

As a Hotwife myself my advice is to take it slowly. There are emotions involved in sleeping with someone outside your marriage and it takes time to deal with them. Also make sure you are using the terms correctly. As a Hotwife I play with other men, but my husband doesn't play with other women. He gets pleasure in my pleasure. Being a cuckold is different. A cuckold is a man who's wife cheats on him.
Above everything else, be sure to communicate!! It is vital to your relationship!!
Good luck!

Well stated. You are right about emotions involved. My wife and I are in this together. I usually find men for her as well. I love seeing her having pleasure. Her goal is meeting new people and having new experiences, not cheating or humiliation. It has taken our sex life on a new level.

i have the same problem, getting her to say she is gonna cheat on me with people but its just a joke to her nothing serious. i dont know how to get her to the next level

where are you located turantara?? maybe you can start by showing off your wife on cam to others first.. see how she likes the attention.

we have fantasy in our pillow , i am asking her to say name of other guys doing her , many times she agreed ,some times refusing , she agreed to say name of her boss doing her , some times saying the name of other guys. but when i am asking her to do it in reality she still refusing.

we have fantasy in our pillow , i am asking her to say name of other guys doing her , many times she agreed ,some times refusing , she agreed to say name of her boss doing her , some times saying the name of other guys. but when i am asking her to do it in reality she still refusing.