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Reading the "kiss" story my rememberance  was sparked. At ten I loved little girls with pony tails. They elated me so, I mean there was nothing like a bobbing tail.They caused laughter in me because I loved the way they dressed, walked and carried their books. They were the cutest little people I ever saw,ever and I was only ten. In Brooklyn romance started early. I had one girlfriend,Laura , that I adored but was afraid to talk to, because she had bracesand was embarased to open her mouth. This is funny stuff. After walking Laura home I would see another little girl having a pony tail,Valerie that dressed and looked like Hedy Lamar georgeous , she would not stop to my calling. So I chased her for half a block. Never reaching her though I was afraid of her really.This kind of afternoon continued for about 2 years. The most romantic years of my life. O Brooklyn, dear Brooklyn.    

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I was one of those little girls with a pony tail, except not in Brooklyn. From age 6 to 18, I lived in rural Pennsylvania. I will be 63 in a few days (March 18) and so we grew up experiencing some of the same cultural "norms." Lots of little boys watched my bobbing ponytail as I walked. A few would give it a tug if they were able to get close enough! <br />
By the way, one of my neighbors grew up in Brooklyn and had his memoir published last year by Random House. He's probably about 10 years older than you, though. A lot of amazing people grew up there.

A kiss has always been a journey for me and the journey to a women's lips is the best part of the incounter. The journey please remember for yourself. The ending is hours, days and years of kisses. there is nothing better on the planet.

A Kiss for you is a journey, starting at forever and ending at never